Thank you  to all of our sponsors, especially The Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation, PEPCO, Lloyd Chesley of State Farm, City First Bank, The African American Women’s Giving Circle, The Black Benefactors Giving Circle and  other donors who made this event possible. All girls were invited to play! There was  an unrated section. Fun prizes awarded to all.

The District of Columbia Scholastic Cup

March 2017

This Scholastic Cup was a qualifier for the Barber, Denker and All Girls Tournament held in Norfolk, Virginia during the U.S Chess Open. The first place winner of the High School section was awarded $1,000 to use towards the college assistance.The first place winner participated in a Tournament of Champions with an opportunity to win a $5000.00 Scholarship to the college/university of their choice.



April 2017

The District of Columbia All Girls Chess Tournament was a qualifier for the Tournament of Champions in Norfolk, Va.

The District of Columbia All Schools Tournament

June 2017

The Tournament of Champions was a very inspiring event. Amanda, Christian and Mitchell proudly represented Washington,DC. They were selected to represent Washington,DC by the qualifying event given in March and April.

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Chess Girls DC is the proud host of the DC All Schools Tournament, District of Columbia Scholastic Cup and the District of Columbia All Girls Scholastic Cup and Emery Chess Club. Please address all inquiries to Robin Ramson at

The mission of Chess Girls DC is to build the confidence of girls

using chess as a tool.